SUP Fitness

New for 2021 is our sup fitness programme, we have teamed up with some of the best Yoga and Pilates teachers/instructors in the area. Operating from our new venue at the Royal Arch Riverside Park just 5 minutes off the A90 near Luithermuir. The pond is set in beautiful surroundings with stunning views across Glen Esk and the Eastern Cairngorms.

Starting from May 2021 you will have a choice of weekly yoga and Pilates classes available from a whole host of teachers. These classes will run from May until the end of August only. Due to this being in the summer months, wet suits won’t be required, so you will be able to enjoy the class more in the comfort of your usual class clothing. Below is some of the amazing teachers we have coming on board. This will be updated as we receive more information from class teachers.

Sarah’s Pilates
Pilates is a full body workout combining strength and flexibility with a mind/body connection to allow you to completely relax.
The only way to improve on that mind/body connection in my opinion is to do Pilates outside, preferably in a gorgeous location on a paddle board.
SUP2Pilates is suitable for all levels of experience for both SUP and Pilates as full instruction will be given throughout your lesson -Sarah’s Pilates
Yoga With Michelle
My aim as a Yoga teacher is to bring awareness in to the body in a physical and mental level. Yoga is made of various asanas “ postures” created centuries ago that have been tried and tested to release tension and stress from the body and aid in recovery from injury.

The movements that we create with our bodies during Yoga not only increase our flexibility but build strength in our pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, legs and upper body.

When combining Yoga with a paddle board and water not only are you increasing physical strength but you learn and connect with yourself in a way that’s special and unique.

The classes will be a range of movements from Vinyasa flow to Yin and you can work comfortably at your own level with no judgment and feel support from myself every step of the way – Michelle Impact Fitness
Photo coming soon
Pilates with Jaya

I am a qualified physiotherapist and Pilates instructor as well as an avid paddleboarder. I believe fitness is for everyone so one of my goals as an instructor is to make everyone feel welcome no matter what your level of experience or ability is. I also believe fitness should be fun so I want my class to be an enjoyable part of your week that you can look forward to!

Pilates is a strength and conditioning workout for the whole body and mind! It has great health benefits and can help improve muscle strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Being done on the water has the added benefit of challenging our core and stability muscles much more than we would by doing the same movements on land.
All the well-being effects of Pilates are enhanced by practicing in the fresh air and beautiful scenery. I hope you can join me for a class that will be beneficial for body and mind!
Yoga with Nadia
Nadia has been a student of Yoga for over 18 years and has been teaching for over 8. Nadia discovered through her practice, that Yoga had the power to uplift, energise and transform ourselves in many ways and made it her mission to share the benefits with others. She teaches with passion, enthusiasm and tries to make each class fun, full of options and challenges that suit the individual. Nadia’s classes have a real sense of community and therefore should feel supportive and inclusive for everybody in every way.
Yoga is for all ages, levels and abilities, therefore this is a practice in itself of accepting our bodies exactly how they are in each moment and adapting our practice accordingly. Physically, Yoga can improve strength, flexibility and circulation, whilst working with our breath we can bring ourselves into our parasympathetic nervous system, creating a sense of calm and peace to our minds.
Working with the water element (Jala) in Yoga, will be a wonderful challenge and experience for our bodies, accessing muscles in our core, legs and the whole body in a completely new way! The class will be a mixture of flowing and static poses.
This will be Nadia’s first time on the water and she is extremely excited to be practising it with you!