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What is Axe Throwing

The contemporary sport of axe throwing encapsulates the thrilling competition of hurling a razor-sharp axe at a target, aiming to strike the bullseye with precision. Originating as a prominent event within the realm of lumberjack competitions, axe throwing has evolved into a widely embraced pastime enjoyed by enthusiasts globally.

Although axe throwing has been an integral component of woodsman and timber sports for decades, its resurgence can be attributed to the establishment of the Backyard Axe Throwing League in 2006. Since then, the proliferation of axe throwing leagues and clubs has propelled the sport to new heights, captivating participants worldwide. As the popularity of axe throwing continues to soar, it has gained recognition as a riveting and accessible activity.

The fervor surrounding this exhilarating sport has spurred the emergence of leagues and competitions on a global scale, captivating audiences with its unique blend of skill, precision, and excitement. As the sport gains momentum, it has become an emblem of camaraderie and competitive spirit, fostering a vibrant community of axe throwing enthusiasts.

At Sup2summit, we prioritize safety above all else, ensuring that each participant can engage in this thrilling activity with peace of mind. In this vein, we maintain a maximum group size of 8 individuals, allowing us to uphold stringent safety measures while offering an optimal experience for all participants. This approach not only underscores our unwavering commitment to safety but also minimizes waiting periods between throws, enabling a seamless and engaging axe throwing experience for all involved.

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I've done a couple of activities with Sup2Summit now and every time it's been amazing. Took my daughter on the rock climbing experience as a Xmas present. Then we did paddle boarding out of Catterline and also montrose basin both times we had great fun. And most recently we hired equipment from them to use on our own.

Each time the service has been excellent and every time someone asks about SUP experiences I can't recommend Jim at Sup2Summit highly enough


Had a morning rock climbing and have the say how fantastic it was. After no climbing experience I was set and ready to go very quickly, with great instruction from James I felt confident in what I was doing.
Heartily recommend for anyone and I’ll definitely be having another go.

Mark G

Have to say James @SUP2SUMMIT is great, laid back attitude, friendly, approachable, great communicator, quality of the gear fantastic, difficulty level: med – low (all about balance), fun: HIGH, this is well worth the try and well worth repeat visits, even as a first time event its perfect, and I can imagine as an accomplished group still an awesome experience.

Allan M

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